How To Stay Hydrated Whilst Driving A Hire Car Or Bike

Most of you might think that staying hydrated while riding a motor cycle is not that important since it is just like a car drive. But this is not true. Environmental factors like increased temperatures, direct exposure towards UV radiation, and humid conditions are likely to result in dehydration while riding a motorbike. In this article, we’ll discuss a number of ways which will help keep your body hydrated and enjoy your ride at the same time.

When riding a motorcycle, proper hydration becomes necessary as dehydration may result in dizziness, confusion and fatigue. These things may easily result in a crash. A few other signs of dehydration may involve slow reaction time, poor decision, mental fogginess, low blood pressure, and low breathing. If the outside atmosphere is very hot and yet you are not sweating, then this might be the indication that you’re very close to suffer a heat stroke. When using your hire car or bike rental in Portsmouth, you may want to visit some of the sights and attractions.

Tips to Avoid Dehydration of Your Body:

  • Ride Your Bike Early In the Morning or Late in the Evening
  • This is recommended because when the temperature is cooler, you will have to intake lesser amount of fluids.
  • Hydrate your Body Well Before Going for a Ride

Prior to a ride, ensure that you hydrate yourself well. Majority of the individuals suffer frequent dehydration simply because they never consume sufficient amount of water before riding. In order to get additional energy, drink sixteen ounces of energy drink around thirty minutes before going for a ride.

Drink While You’re On a Ride

As the sensation of your body lags behind its requirement for the fluids, take a sip even if you are not feeling thirsty. Because, once you get thirsty, it’ll be too late. Make your routine to pick your bottle after every fifteen minutes and intake 2-3 big sips of water.

Stop Every Now and Then

It is crucial that you schedule stops on a regular basis if the temperature is too hot and cool off in restaurants, rest stops or gas stations.

Avoid Exposing Your Body to the Sun Too Much

Most of you might want to wear very little clothing while riding during hot climates. But, this will only result in your body absorbing additional amount of heat from the atmosphere causing an increased body temperature. It is advised that you wear a lightweight pant and motorcycle jacket during a ride.

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